Proceedings of the Encuentros / Encounters Conference
“Music and Politics in the Andes”
Held at the University of California, Riverside, on February 22-23, 2006


Table of Contents

Jonathan Ritter (UC Riverside)

Andean Music, the Left and Pan-Americanism: The Early History
Fernando Rios (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne)

The Chilean Way to the Andes: Music, Politics and Otherness
Juan Pablo González (Universidad Católica de Chile)

To Sell or Not to Sell the Pomade: Andean Music Boom Stories and Bolivian Nationalism
Michelle Bigheno (Hampshire College)

Mama Coca: Music, Coca, and Indigenous Cultures in Bolivia
Victoria Bomberry (UC Riverside)

Folklore and the Politics of Region and Nation Building: Cuzco 1920-1950
Zoila Mendoza (UC Davis)

Complementary Discourses of Truth and Memory: The Peruvian Truth Commission and the Canción Social Ayacuchana
Jonathan Ritter (UC Riverside)

Sounding Out a New Peru: Music, Media, and Citizenship in the Andean Public Sphere
Joshua Tucker (University of Texas, Austin)

African or Andean? Origin Myths and Musical Performance in the Cradle of Black Peru
Heidi Feldman (UC San Diego)

Santa Libertad: Teatro del Milenio and the Debate Over Music and Social Consciousness in the Afroperuvian Community
Javier F. León (Indiana University)

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