Journal of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Music
Proceedings of the Conference
Music and Dictatorship in Franco's Spain, 1936-1975
Held at the University of California, Riverside
February 18, 2011
As part of Encuentros/Encounters 2011


Table of Contents

  1. Irony, esperpento, and Parody in the Music of ¡Bienvenido Mister Marshall!
    Julio Arce (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

  2. Between Left-led Republic and Falangism? Spanish Women Composers, a Critical Equation
    Susan Campos Fonseca (Director, Women’s Studies in Music Research Group, Society for Ethnomusicology [SIBE], Spain)

  3. Federico Moreno Torroba’s Relations with the Franco Regime
    Walter Aaron Clark (University of California, Riverside)

  4. Ernesto Halffter: A Spanish Musician
    Manuel Halffter (Archivo Ernesto Halffter, Madrid)

  5. Falla, the Spanish Civil War, and America
    Carol A. Hess (Michigan State University)

  6. Casticismo before and after 1939
    William Craig Krause (Hollins University)

  7. Avant-garde Musical Exchange between the Americas and Spain
    Alyson Payne (University of California, Riverside)

  8. La canción española durante el franquismo: Tradición, sometimiento y testimonio
    Jacinto Torres (Insituto de Bibliografia Musical, Madrid)

  9. Music, Totalitarian Ideologies, and Musical Practices under Francoism (1938-1950)
    Gemma Pérez-Zalduondo (Universidad de Granada)
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