Manolito Pinazo Award

Manolito Pinazo was a member of the renowned Romero family of guitarists.  He was only 14 when he was killed by a bomb during General Francisco Franco’s siege of Málaga in 1936, at the outset of the Spanish Civil War.  This award honors the memory of Manolito Pinazo by supporting doctoral students in musicology and ethnomusicology pursuing advanced research in Iberian and Latin American music, thus carrying on in perpetuity the artistic ideals of the Romero family and its dedication to promoting a rich cultural heritage.  The purpose of the fund is to provide travel assistance to students for the purpose of conducting dissertation research.  It pays $2,500 for a single awardee; in years where there are two awardees, each will receive $2,000.

Past awardees

  • 2023: Eloy Neira de la Cadena (ethnomusicology)
  • 2022:  Mariangela Nobre (ethnomusicology)
  • 2021:  Jorge Calaf (musicology) and Hannah Snavely (ethnomusicology)
  • 2020:  Bob Bozonelos (musicology) and Anna Emilova Sivova (musicology)
  • 2019:  Pedro López de la Osa (musicology) and Alessio Olivieri (musicology)
  • 2018:  Leilani Dade (musicology) and Owain Graham (ethnomusicology)
  • 2017:  Eric Johns (musicology) and Bernard Gordillo (musicology)
  • 2016:  Elizabeth Stela McDonald (ethnomusicology)
  • 2015:  Robert Wahl (musicology)
  • 2014:  Anthony Rasmussen (ethnomusicology)