Prof. Paulo Chagas’s Tänze vor Angst, for bassoon and piano and inspired by Paul Klee’s eponymous watercolor, was premiered at the Moscow Conservatory in August 2019 before an appreciative audience, which received the work with warm applause.

Prof. Rogerio Budasz’s book Opera in the Tropics was recently published by Oxford University Press, in its series Currents in Latin American and Iberian Music.  An in-depth and highly original contribution to our understanding of eighteenth-century opera, it sheds important new light on issues of race, class, and culture in colonial Brazil.  Currently available in hardcover, it is beautifully illustrated.

Prof. Leonora Saavedra’s groundbreaking collection of essays, Carlos Chávez and His World, which she edited for Princeton University Press in her role as resident scholar of the Bard Music Festival in 2015, dedicated to Chávez, has now appeared in Spanish translation (by Alejandro Pérez Sáez).  Carlos Chávez y su Mundo is handsomely presented and richly illustrated.  Published by El Colegio Nacional (2018), it features an eloquent “presentación” by the eminent composer Mario Lavista.

Prof. Walter Clark’s latest book is Los Romeros:  Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar.  It has been published by University of Illinois Press in its Music in American Life series.  Available in hardcover, paperback, and digital formats, it features forewords by, among others, the late Sir Neville Marriner, who said of this famous family of guitarists, “For the protraction of my musical education and the great pleasure of the company, I am truly grateful to the family Romero.”

Bernard Gordillo received his doctorate in musicology last June, having written a dissertation entitled “Luis A. Delgadillo and the Cultural Occupation of Nicaragua under U.S.-American Intervention,” under the supervision of Prof. Leonora Saavedra.

Corey Michael Blake received his doctorate in ethnomusicology last June, having written a dissertation entitled “Diaspora and Belonging in Panama: Cultural Performance and National Identity for Panamanians of Chinese Descent,” under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan Ritter.